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2021 Forum

Theme 2021

Silver Industry and Keywords for Sucess in the Era of Digital New Deal: Gerontechnology and Person-Centered Design

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    Location: Webinar on Zoom

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    Day and Time: 1-5 pm, 4th Thursdays

    Day and Time: 1-5 pm, 4th Thursdays

Date & Time Topics Contents
25 February Silver Industry business strategy in digital new deal era - The 4th low birth rate and aging society: the basic plan and senior- friendly industry. Lee,Yunkyung (Department of Population Policy Research, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs KIHASA)
- Digital new deal policy and Senior business, Lee, Youngjoo (Smart Healthcare and Welfare team, Department of ICT Convergence, National Information Society Agency)
- CES 2021 and Gerontechnology Trends, Prof. Jeong, Kumin (Department of Electronic Engineering, Kukmin University)
- Senior trends as customers in 2021. Director Kim, Woongchul (Department of New Business, Daily Economy TV)
8 April Smart Health for healthy senior life/aging

- Global Smart Healthcare Trends and its entry strategy, Director Park, Yongmin (Silicon valley Trade center, KOTRA)
- Smart care service based on AI rehabilitation technology, Prof. Choi, YongKeun (Department of Computer Science, Dankuk University)
- Healthcare service design based on senior citizens’ behavioral pattern analysis, CEO Lee, KyungMi (Cyphics)
- Seniors’ mental health and digital cure, CEO Kim, Keangsun (Demand Co., LTD)
29 April Smart care and Gerontechnology - Future development direction and its application to Care Robot and services, Manager Song, WonKyung. (Transitional Research for Rehabilitation Robots, National Rehabilitation Center)
- Gerontechnologist! Design people-oriented care service. Prof. Ku, Yuri (Graduate School of Industrial Design, Hongik University)
- Case Study: CareTech and AI care service. Executive In, Taekeun (Aria Care Korea Co., founder)
- Establishment plan of Smart care system specialized in seniors. Prof. Im, Jungwon (Future Welfare Convergence Research Center, Kangnam University)
27 May Smart Home for Aging in Place - SmartHome case study based on ICT for solitary seniors. Senior Manager Kim, Eongchul (Leader of ICT TFT, Comprehensive Care center for Solitary Seniors)
- Home Improvement in response to an Aging Society for Aging in Place. Prof. Kwon, Oh-jung (Kunkuk University, Chair of the Korean Housing Association)
- Koreanized AAL for Senior autonomy. Prof. Bae, Shihwa (Director of HealthCare SmartHome Convergence Research Lab, Gachoen University)
- SmartHome trends and how to be materialized comprehensively in the future. Prof. Jo, Widuk (Chair of SmartHome+Interior Forum, Aju University)
24 Jun Senior-friendly smart city - How can we materialize smart cities for seniors? Director Ko, Youngho (Architecture & Urban Research Institute, Senior-Friendly Policy research center)
- Digital Human augmentation and muscle augmentation for Seniors. Senior Researcher Lee, Dongwoo (AI research lab, ETRI)
- Smart store dissemination policy and what to be expected in an aging society. Manager Lee, Bonghee (Digital Strategy department, SEMAS)
- The outlook of Smart Mobility for senior citizens. Prof. Kim, Sangyoon (Department of Computer Engineering, ChungAng University)
22 July Smart Finance for seniors - Transformation of financial institutions in the era of SDGs/ESG. HyungJong Lee(HealthEdu)
- Longevity economy and annuity and pension products. Dongyup Kim(Executive, MiraeAsset)
- Smart Finance utilizing FinTech. Jeong, Won-hun(Executive, TenSpace)
- Future of asset management using AI. Woochul Son(consultant, Kium Asset Planner Inc.)
26 August Smart leisure culture for a happy senior life - Media and Leasure
- Smart tourism
- Leisure service platform
- Virtual reality performances
30 September Smart education in the era of Homo Hundreds - Distance learning
- Digital literacy education
- Lifelong education
- Life design
28 October Smart Works and lifelong working environment - Smart office
- Smart factory
- Smart farming
- Digital new deal and seniors’ job seeking, job creation and startups
10-11 November IGEF 2021(Gerontechnology for Healthy and Smart Aging within Corona Era) /br>
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- Silver Industry and Gerontechnology for Korean Digital New Deal and entry strategy to Global market.
- Current situation of Korean New Deal and Global trend in Gerontechnology
* Presentation by experts from 22 countries
* Expo in Daegu, scheduled in November
30 December A year-end party - Silver Industry Award
- 2021 review
- 2022 preview

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