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Walking the 20-year path with Silver Industry, Korea

Warm welcome from KAPASS

  • Greetings! KAPASS is a non-profit organization recognized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, license no. 89-6, in 2003, where people have gathered together, studied together and improved together since 2000. Our biggest contribution to the society is to offer a place to converge, so people can build a network, exchange professional advice and take training opportunities which are open for those who are preparing to work in this industry as well as who are already current and wish to update their skills and knowledge. Also, the Forum is connected to International Society for Gerontechnology as Korean Chapter. Truly we hope to be seen as the place for convergence.

    The main goals of Gerontechnology that we want to attain with the technology are the fulfillment of human ambitions and needs: enhancement and satisfaction of life, proactive prevention of disease and of functional restrictions, compensation and assistance, and finally proper support of necessary formal and informal care, including their organization. The five domains of daily life and the four goals to be served by technology together define an impact matrix, in which the various technology-defined products and services display their function for ageing people(2007, Herman Bouma, James L. Fozard, Don G. Bouwhuis, Vappu Taipale). Gerontechnology has much in common with other interdisciplinary domains, such as Gerontology and Geriatrics, study of Senior welfare, and engineering. Our world and technologies are changing rapidly. COVID 19 was a chance and wakeup call for all to realize everyone, young and old, rich and poor, mainstream or marginalized, can adapt well to the ICT/IoT- and AI-driven new world and seek newness. KAPASS is here to promote people-centered technology and bring all necessary domains together so that all older persons can live happily and abundantly.

    Our members are from various backgrounds such as current workers, researchers, developers, scholars and students. Organizations, groups and individuals pertaining to Silver Industry make good use of the Forum to produce successful outcomes. In the past 20 years, the Forum does its utmost to go wherever the needs are and support, and we will continue our effort in the future. Now the Forum is transforming itself to a public entity to serve international and national communities. Hosting ISG 2022 Daegu will be an excellent promotion event to let people who have never heard of Gerontechnology inside and outside of Korea know what Gerontechnology is about. I am certain we will play a key role as an ambassador of ISG.

    In doing so, the Forum tries to keep our original intent and stay open to go together. We will take every step with you for furthering the silver industry.
    Please be with us and walk with us.


    Sang Yong Lee
    President, KAPASS