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International Gerontechnology Expo and Forum 2020
24 November 2020
Seoul, Republic of Korea & Online

Innovation, Gerontechnology and Business for Older Persons' Lives

  •   An appropriate environment for older persons stabilizes and improves their physiological, psychological and social functioning.

      In recent months, not just older people faced grim prospects of a shortened live span due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The quality of life has globally deteriorated across all ages.

      We can change the lives of older persons by means of technology, predominantly by ICT, such as the Internet of Things.

      IGEF first launched in 2017. This year's focus is on the 'Human Element' in technology: Its conception, development, application and reception.


       Because of social distance regulations -- necessitated by the COVID-19 situation -- most participants have? to attend online.

Session 1: Showcases (English)

Theme: Robotics and Smart Care in Korea.

Time: 16:00-17:30 KST,      Gerontechnology TV

  • [Hyodol]

  • [Bomi2]

  • [EnBrain]

  • [Orange Watch]

  • [Touchcare]

Session 2: Roundtable (English) (Canceled)

Theme: The 'Human Element' in Technology: Its Conception, Development, Application and Reception

Title: Human-Affine Technologies & Technologically Affine Humans: Technologies Need People for Uni- and Omnitechnologies
   A. Technologies need people
   B. Some technologies are better-fitted for use: The human-affine technologies
   C. To some technologies, humans have to adapt. The degree of the TxH interaction's success is detemined by the users' respective biopsychosocial characteristics: Their affinity to tech, i.e. being technologically affine.

Korean Session: Seminar (Korean)

Theme: Directions for designing interaction of care robots for older people

Time: 14:00-15:30 KST,    ID: 824 7813 3702


  • Cheonshu Park

  • Moon Choi, Ph.D.

  • Dong Sun Kim, Ph.D.
    Join Care

  • Mmyungshin Hong, Ph.D.
    Hanyang Cyber U

  • Sang Soo Song
    Robocare Co., Ltd.

  • MiJeong Ahn
    IKKO Design

  • GyeSoon Kim
    Rianpartners Co., Ltd.

  • Yeongran Park, Ph.D.
    ISG RoK Chapter Pres.

  • WooJoung Shim, Ph.D.
    President, KAPASS

  • Participants

  • Presentation 1: Human-robot interaction trends and case studies
          Park Cheonshu, Ph.D., Senior Research Engineer,
          ETRI, Human Machine Interaction Research Section

    Presentation 2: The meaning of care for assistive technology development in a super-aged society
          Moon Choi, Ph.D., Associate Professor,
          KAIST, Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy (STP)

          Moderator: WooJoung Shim, CTO, Wheel line Co., Ltd.
          Dong Sun Kim, CEO, Join Care
          MiJeong Ahn, CEO, IKKO Design
          Mmyungshin Hong, Professor, Hanyang Cyber U
          Sang Soo Song, Directer, Robocare Co., Ltd.
          Online Participants