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Gerontechnology creates a better life
and human-centered design

We seek out technological possibilities
and make beneficial designs.

We continue to
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WELCOME | Creating a happy senior life and sustainable aging society


Korean Association of Products and Services for Senior Citizens

International Society for Gerontechnology(ISG) Korean Chapter

  • The forum exists to build up a healthy and sustainable silver industry (also known as senior-friendly industry). We have conducted multiple studies such as standardization, policies, law and system and developed services and technology relating to Silver Industry. Our activities also include 1) partake in standard activities, and 2) exchange information to nourish this new business.


 We grow and study together for a better future.

  • 전문가 네크워크

    You can build an expert network through us.

    You can get connected to experts, researchers, scholars or colleagues through our organization.

  • 공부&연구

    You can conduct successful businesses and researches through us

    We can help your integrated researches by sharing senior citizens’ lives, specificity and technology.

  • 나누기

    You can share your experiences with members.

    We create a healthy and beneficial opportunity for people who understand senior citizen’s tendency, trends and current issues through exchanging information and experiences with us.

  • 국제교류

    You can join international activities through us

    You can get connected to world-class experts and scholars and grow together.

Main activities

The forum invite you to monthly regular meetings, annual meetings and multiple pop-up meetings. Please click for further information.


    We hold a regular silver industry meeting every month dealing with different topics. Experts, necessary personnel and scholars are invited to discuss the chosen topic to resolve current issues by fierce yet collaborative studies at the regular meetings.

  • IGEF: International Gerontechnology Expo and Forum

    IGEF offers the one and only opportunity to join the academic conference where you can see a variety of showcases and partake in discussions to explore significant products and services worldwide.

  • Expert Seminar
    (Twice a year)

    World-class experts, scholars and people working in the field are invited to special seminars to share their precious experiences.

  • Year-end party & Workshop

    We hold a year-end party for people in Silver Industry every December. Also we hold a one-night-two-day workshop in celebration of this organization’s birthday.


  • 연구

    Conducting Research and development in aging and industry

    i.e. providing policy researches and consultation to the Government, state-run or private companies, and individuals

  • 표준

    Conducting standardization studies and offering consultation

    Forming a standard for senior-friendly products and services, offering standardization procedures

  • 시장

    Finding better ways to cultivate the market, improve the overall market environment.

    Running market and marketing researches requested by the government, public and private sectors and professional individuals and provide valuable research results as well as consultations

  • 네크웍

    Exchange silver industry information and build up an expertise network group

    Offer a variety of networking opportunities such as regular or Pop-up meetings, facility tours, and a night for Silver Industry

  • 해외

    Cultivating overseas market and International cooperation

    Partaking in international events such as ISG expo and present aggressively Korean products and services to overseas potential clients.

  • 기타

    Meet every need for all

    Offering supportive forums requested by local governments and finding ways to cultivate Silver Industry by collaborating with Welfare centers for senior citizens.